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Where to Stay in Istanbul (Best Neighborhoods & Things to Do)

Discover the best places to stay and things to do in Istanbul!

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Istanbul is a sprawling city home to nearly 15 million people divided by two continents. With a city so massive, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the perfect place to stay.

Each neighborhood in Istanbul has distinct characteristics with something different to offer. Do you want to stay in the historical center close to the Bazaar and historical sights? Or are you looking to stay close to the nightlife hotspots?

Maybe you are interested in staying in a trendier area more frequented by locals. Or you might be traveling with your family.

Keeping all these things in mind, we’ve created this guide on where to stay in Istanbul. Our guide will help you get a good grasp of each of the popular areas in the city. We will give you a rundown of each popular area and recommend some accommodation options and fun things to do while you’re there. Reading our guide, you can make the most of your stay in Istanbul. 

So what is the best place to stay in Istanbul?

The Best Places to Stay in Istanbul


galata neighborhood with galata tower

Galata is one of the best neighborhoods in Istanbul for nightlife. Technically a part of the Beyoğlu district, Galata is marked by the iconic Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi), which can be seen from most parts of the city.

Located north of the Golden Horn perched atop a hillside, Galata, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Istanbul, has a distinct and historic feel to it with cobblestone streets and neoclassical buildings. Make your way down the hill through Galip Dede Caddesi (street) and explore funky instrument shops, relaxing cafes, and high-class restaurants and hotels. 

Also known as the Pera neighborhood, Galata is a lively area for nightlife, which is frequented by tourists and locals alike. There is a wide selection to choose from here, ranging from casual pubs or traditional taverns (meyhane in Turkish) to fancy hotel rooftop cocktail bars.

Centrally located, Galata is within walking distance of neighboring areas Taksim Square and Karaköy. When you wish to explore more of Istanbul, simply hop on the metro from the “Şişhane” stop or take the old tunnel funicular to the Galata Bridge. 

10 Things to Do in Galata

  • Explore boutique shops – on Şahkulu Street; you will find dozens of boutique shops for clothes, accessories, antiques, artwork, furniture, home decor, and even instruments.
  • Climb Galata Tower – once a fire observatory in the 18th century due to its 360-degree view, Galata Tower is a symbol of the city of Istanbul. Climb the medieval stone tower for a stunning panorama of the Golden Horn. If you don’t want to wait in line to climb, you can still have a creative photo opportunity from any nearby street in the neighborhood.
  • Ride through the tünel – a historical underground funicular that connects neighborhoods Beyoğlu and Karaköy. Updated and restored over the years, this rustic cable car system is an architectural feat and a 90-second blast from the past.
  • Visit Istanbul Modern – located not far from the Şişhane metro stop in a temporary space (the former Karaköy space is under construction), Istanbul Modern features modern and contemporary works from Turkish artists. A must-see for any art lover. 
  • Visit the Crimea Church – hidden behind trees near Serdar-i Ekrem Caddesi (street); you’ll find the Crimea Memorial Church. Built to honor the British soldiers who died during the Crimean War, you can rest in the peaceful gardens and admire the medieval structure.
  • Go to 360 – 360 Istanbul is a restaurant and bar set in a 19th-century apartment penthouse overlooking the Istanbul skyline with a 360-degree view. Modern Turkish meze and international dishes are served alongside a stunning view of the city skyline. On weekends it transforms into a club while DJs pump out tunes late into the night. Don’t forget to make your reservation as this place fills up quickly on weekends.
  • Jazz up your night – Nardis Jazz Club offers live jazz music on stage seven days a week. Come early as this place fills up quickly. 
  • See the Stairs - climb the winding Kamondo Stairs for a fun photo opportunity as you explore the area. 
  • Fine Dine at Mikla - situated at the top of the Marmara Pera, Mikla is consistently rated as one of the world’s top 50 restaurants. With a progressive new Anatolian cuisine and one of the best views of the Golden Horn, Milka is a dining experience that no foodie should miss out on.  
  • Sip some wine – Sensus Wine Boutique Galata offers a wide selection of locally produced Turkish wines and a rooftop terrace to enjoy a view of the skyline. 

Best Hostel in Galata

Cheers Midtown Hostel (link to check availability on Expedia) stands out with its cheerful little cafe at the entrance and simple but colorful decor. This cozy hostel gives its guests a warm welcome and a safe haven from the beautiful chaos of Taksim. The reception works 24 hours, and the location is great. It’s within walking distance of the Galata Tower, Tophane, Karaköy, and Istiklal Street.

Best Value Hotel in Galata

Hotel Pera Life (link to see availability on Expedia) is an excellent option if you’re looking for a hotel with a great location and good value. This four-star hotel is very central; you can walk to many attractions from there or use public transportation. The rooms are not very spacious, but they have a fresh look with soft and light colors.

Best Apartment in Galata

This newly renovated apartment in Galata (link to check availability on Vrbo) has a great location and value. You can see the Galata Tower from your window and it feels almost as if you could touch it. It’s close to all the fun and attractions of Galata and Taksim but relatively quiet. The hosts are experienced in renting out apartments in the area and they have got great reviews from international guests. This elegant apartment with high ceilings is like a boutique hotel, and all your needs are catered for.

Within close proximity to Taksim and Karaköy, the heart of art, culture, and entertainment;  the Old City district with all the great Ottoman and Byzantian historical attractions; and the Golden Horn, Galata is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Istanbul.


colorful umbrellas above the street in karakoy istanbul

Karaköy is one of the coolest neighborhoods in Istanbul. Located on the waterfront, Karaköy is just below the Galata neighborhood. Once an important port for the city where working-class laborers and fishmongers lived, Karaköy is now one of the town’s hippest neighborhoods.

It has bloomed into a hip hotspot with trendy cafes, bars, restaurants, and a growing nightlife scene since 2010. You’ll find the backstreets bustling with locals and wandering tourists exploring artsy boutique shops and local street artwork.

At the Karakoy port, you can easily hop on the ferry to head over to the Asian side or connect by the tram to the historical center in the Sultanahmet neighborhood.

Be sure to pass through the neighborhood at some point during your visit and see the crumbling 19th-century architecture that provides the backdrop for a new-age hipster appeal to Istanbul. 

10 Things to Do in Karaköy

  • Snack on a fish sandwich – make your way to the Galata Bridge and try some delicious grilled fish sandwiches or “balık ekmek.
  • Discover street artwork – walk the back streets of Karaköy and discover cool street art made by locally known street artist Leo Lunatic. Hint: look for an angry panda. 
  • Visit SALT - formerly an Ottoman bank, this beautiful building is now an art space home to a gallery, library, museum, and cafe.  
  • Snap a photo at the rainbow stairs – located next to the Fındıklı tram stop; this Instagram-worthy rainbow staircase represents a symbol of unity and happiness for the city, with the original artist’s purpose behind painting them was “to make people smile.”
  • Visit Nusretiye Mosque - an ornate mosque with influences from Islamic and Baroque styles.
  • Dine at Karaköy Lokantası – enjoy a lunch or dinner in an elegant restaurant with a beautifully tiled interior serving traditional Ottoman cuisine. Make a reservation in advance as this is a hot-spot in high demand.  
  • Treat your sweet tooth – get your sugar fix with a scrumptious baklava dessert at Karaköy Güllüoğlu, the best place in the city for baklava. Best complemented with some Turkish ice cream, or a glass of hot Turkish tea (çay) or lemonade (limonata).
  • Grab a rooftop drink – at nighttime, you can relax with a tasty rooftop drink and a beautiful Bosphorus sea view at Nest.
  • Ride the ferry – hop on a ferry from Karaköy port to Kadiköy (the Asian side of the city); if you’re lucky, you might even spot some dolphins swimming in the Bosphorus.
  • Cross the Galata bridge – make a slow stroll across the Galata bridge where you can watch the fisherman and join the many photographers immortalizing the moment over the Bosphorus with an iconic panorama of historic mosques and palaces in the background. You can also enjoy delicious seafood at the restaurants under the bridge. 

Best Hostel in Karaköy

Archeo (link to check availability on Expedia) is perfect for history and archeology lovers. But keep in mind that this hostel is for adults only. It is located between Karaköy and Kabataş, so it’s very central with access to the Sultanahmet tramway and buses. The hostel’s special design elements are eye-catching, and it offers dormitory-style rooms with shared bathrooms. Its beautifully designed cafe offers excellent coffee and delicious desserts. 

Best Value Hotel in Karaköy

Peninsula Galata Boutique Hotel (link to check availability on Expedia) is very close to the port and the tram station. From here you can access many different parts of the town by using the ferries, the tram, busses, taxis or your foot! This is a modern four-star hotel with great value and spacious rooms for more extended stays.

Best Apartment in Karaköy

This flat near Karaköy ferry station (link to check availability on Vrbo) is a spacious one with wide windows with a breathtaking sea view. Its location is as central as can be, and the host got great reviews. The apartment is furnished in an eclectic style, just like Istanbul which brings the old and the new together in harmony. This apartment offers great value compared to the available rooms in the area.

Karaköy is trending with its artsy, hipster vibe right now. This district is both closely related to the city’s historical side and home to the young and the modern. It’s also the link between the new and the old parts of the town in terms of location, so it’s one of the best places to stay in Istanbul.


aerial view of the hagia sophia in sultanahmet neighborhood in istanbul

Sultanahmet is the perfect choice for those who are visiting Istanbul for the first time. Considered the historical center of Istanbul, Sultanahmet is home to the main attractions, such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.

It’s a bustling tourist destination filled with restaurants serving traditional Turkish dishes. There are also plenty of opportunities to slow down and take in the atmosphere.

This is the perfect area to shop for traditional Turkish goods, spend your time exploring, and getting lost in this magical neighborhood filled with history at every corner. 

Many of Istanbul’s main tourist attractions are located in Sultanahmet within walking distance from each other. You can also catch the tram to connect you back to the Karaköy or Beyoğlu neighborhoods with ease. Sultanahmet is a must-see for every visitor of Turkey.

10 Things to Do in Sultanahmet

  • Visit the Blue Mosque - explore the beautiful architecture of this iconic mosque that still functions as a place of worship. If you plan to enter, be prepared to dress appropriately. 
  • Visit the Hagia Sophia - a beautiful 6th-century architectural masterpiece that was once a Greek Orthodox cathedral, later an Ottoman imperial mosque, a museum, and now, a mosque again. Still, you can walk inside and appreciate its beauty and history. Don’t forget to go to the second level for a close-up view of Byzantine mosaics and a better perspective of the grand scale of the dome. Bonus: look for the Instagram-famous Hagia Sophia cat named Gli, who has reigned this cultural site for the last 15 years. 
  • Visit the Basilica Cistern - Right across the road from Hagia Sophia; this hidden gem is a Byzantian underground cistern that rightly deserves the name “the Underground Palace.” Make sure not to miss the magical atmosphere, the two Medusa head columns, and the “weeping” column from ancient temples. 
  • Visit Topkapı Palace - an ornate palace that was home to the imperial Ottoman empire for 400 years. There’s also a mosaic museum inside. Make sure you have plenty of time to see the whole palace.
  • Visit the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum - discover unique art forms created with the Islamic approach. The museum is famous for its unique rug collection and exhibits rare examples from different areas of the Islamic world. 
  • Visit the Istanbul Archeological museum - This museum complex consists of three main units: The Archaeological Museum, The Museum of Ancient Oriental Works, The Tiled Kiosk Museum. Having about a million artifacts from a variety of cultures, the museums are a must-see for archaeology enthusiasts.
  • Lunch at - the famous Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi, a traditional and historical restaurant that serves meatballs with white bean salad. Just stand at Sultanahmet square, and you’ll see the sign.
  • Dinner at - Matbah Restaurant just off Sultanahmet Square, on the ground floor of the grand Ottoman Hotel Imperial. The view and the menu are both historical- you cannot find some of the traditional dishes served here anywhere else. So, give it a try!
  • Ice Cream - Try the famous Turkish ice cream if you can. Literally, if you can catch the cone! Specially made delicious Turkish Maraş ice cream comes with a show, and you’ll hear the bells of the vendors inviting you to the show as you walk by.
  • Çay & Relax - Have some delicious Turkish tea and relax. You can find a fresh pot of black tea literally anywhere in Turkey, but we recommend that you have it in Gülhane Park, under the ancient trees overlooking the Bosphorus, and take the edge of the day.

Best Hostel in Sultanahmet

Cheers Vintage Hostel (link to check availability on Expedia) is located in the old town, within a 4-minute walking distance of Hagia Sophia. It offers a variety of rooms suitable for both families and backpackers.

Best Value Hotel in Sultanahmet

Faros Old City Hotel (link to check availability on Expedia) is a four-star hotel right on the main street, the Divan Yolu, and within walking distance of all the sights in Sultanahmet. It offers excellent service with good value and will meet your expectations in every way.

Best Apartment in Sultanahmet

This art deco house with a terrace (link to check availability on Vrbo) is very central and offers a great view from its garden-like terrace. This property is a renovated of an old Istanbul family house that has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Great for both a family trip or a romantic one. And all the treasures of the Old City are just around the corner.

Sultanahmet is a great district to explore the various historical periods of the old Istanbul while enjoying the blessings of the modern age. Staying in Sultanahmet, you’ll have easy access to all the sights in the historical peninsula and around the Golden Horn. So it’s a great place for a first-time visitor.

Taksim (Beyoğlu)

nostalgic red tram on istiklal street in beyoglu istanbul

The Taksim area in Beyoğlu is the best place to stay on a budget. If Beyoğlu is the heart of culture and entertainment in Istanbul, Istiklal Street in Taksim is the artery.

Here you can find street vendors, musicians, cafes, restaurants, bars, bookshops, stores, museums, art galleries, and theatres, some serving 24/7. The street is always lively, with lots of different sounds and colors.

Staying in Taksim, you can immerse yourself in the full-on nightlife experience, bar-hopping and dancing. You can even shop for clothes till morning light if that’s what you are after.

You also have easy access from Taksim to almost anywhere in Istanbul with connections and transfers, so you can stay here if you’re planning a late night out elsewhere.

10 Things to Do in Taksim (Beyoğlu)

  • Stroll down Istiklal Street - start from Taksim Square and walk down, all the way to the Galata Tower, exploring everything that the street has to offer. Stop by the shops and art galleries that catch your eye, and see the posters to find an event for the night. You’ll see that time flies fast, discovering the possibilities.
  • Try the street food - Walking down Istiklal Street, grab some corn on the cob (mısır), roasted chestnuts (kestane), or simit (Turkish bagel) from one of the street vendors along your way and enjoy it while window shopping. Grab a couple of the garlicky “wet hamburgers” (ıslak hamburger) to go from the Kızılkayalar buffet at Taksim Square. You’ll also see a small chocolatier window (Beyoğlu Çikolatacısı) selling the famous Beyoğlu chocolate; make sure you try it as well.
  • Check out Cihangir - The neighborhood frequented by Turkish artists and celebrities has a chill, bohemian vibe. It has got great galleries, shops, cafés, and artisan coffee shops, 
  • Have a spiritual experience -The Galata Mevlevi Museum in Taksim hosts a Whirling Dervish performance open to the public every Sunday. Watch the dervishes’ mesmerizing whirl in complete submission to God.
  • Have a bath - at a traditional, historical hamam. The Kılıç Ali Pasha Complex in Beyoğlu offers a tranquil cleansing, exfoliating massage, and a traditional Turkish bath experience. Also, note that the Kılıç Ali Pasha Mosque in the complex is designed by the famous Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, influenced by Hagia Sophia.
  • Get nostalgic - when you get tired, hop on the iconic, historical red tram commuting between Taksim Square and Tünel Square along Istiklal Street. It’s also a great photo opportunity.
  • Explore the backstreets - go antique hunting in Çukurcuma, which is full of unique and eclectic antique shops and art galleries. See Cezayir Sokağı/the French Street, behind the famous Galatasaray Lisesi (High School building), and have some wine at one of the petit cafes.
  • Have Turkish coffee - down towards the Asmalı Mescit district, in the narrow side street called Olivia Geçidi, look for the small sign that says Mandabatmaz with a bull on it. We promise that this modest small cafe with wooden stools on the street serves the best Turkish coffee you’ll ever taste. The name and the logo suggest that the foam of the coffee is so thick that even a buffalo wouldn’t sink standing on it!
  • Go in the tunnel - go to Karaköy, to the seaside, using the Tünel, the world’s second-oldest funicular tunnel underground transportation system.
  • Drink rakı - grab a table in the famous Çiçek Pasajı (the Flower Passage) on Istiklal Street, or take the right turn after it to find some historical _meyhane_s (taverns, like Cumhuriyet Meyhanesi). Here you’ll experience the traditional way to drink rakı: Filled with tears of joy and sadness at the same time, enjoying the live Turkish music played at your table by musicians wandering around as well as the delicious _meze_s (Turkish appetizers). Alternatively, you can do this in the Asmalımescit quarter towards Galata.

Best Hostel in Taksim (Beyoğlu)

Sanat Hostel (link to check availability on Expedia) is located in the Nevizade district, right in the middle of bars and taverns, just 50 meters from Istiklal Street. The building itself used to be a bar and has been recently repurposed as a hostel serving 100 people. It’s in the middle of all the entertainment, but this hostel has everything a young budget traveler would ask for.

Best Value Hotel in Taksim (Beyoğlu)

Hotel the Public (link to check availability on Expedia) is a very central hotel with striking decor and spacious rooms. Located behind the Galatasaray High School, it’s close to all the fun but far enough from the noise.

Best Apartment in Taksim (Beyoğlu) 

This apartment in the heart of the city (link to check availability on Vrbo) is a bit away from the nightlife to get a good night’s sleep but close enough to walk right into it. It is a simple but elegantly designed studio apartment with a touch of traditional Turkish style for good value.

Beyoğlu is the heart of culture and entertainment in Istanbul. Staying here, you can be at the center of all the things current and modern and still be connected to the historical side of the city.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods for families visiting Istanbul.

As a vibrant and bustling district located in the historical center of Istanbul, near Sultanahmet, Grand Bazaar is great for shopping for souvenirs and local goods as well as blending in the hectic daily life in the city with a magnificent historical background. Both the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market are filled with a huge variety of shops and vendors.

Easily connected by tram as well, Grand Bazaar is located within walking distance of many attractions such as the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. Get lost in the Grand Bazaar as you enjoy the sights, smells, sounds, and tastes it has to offer.

10 Things to Do in the Grand Bazaar

  • Shop - take a shopping tour in the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Market and get lost in the maze-like corridors of the historical bazaars. Enjoy the many colors and smells luring you to the stalls. You can buy Turkish delights, spices, herbal teas, dried fruits, beautiful shawls, rugs, handmade ceramics, glass lamps, and other traditional goods here. Taste what you’re offered, don’t forget to bargain, and watch out for pickpockets as the bazaars are very crowded!
  • Discover the maze-like bazaars, caravanserais, and inns, enter the old chambers and see the artisans. You can witness the making of a traditional Ottoman ring in the hands of a jeweler or find a hidden tea garden, a quiet haven from the shopping craze crowd.
  • Lunch at - Havuzlu Restaurant, which offers homemade meals and kebabs. They have extensive vegetarian options as well.
  • Or try a fish sandwich - right from the boats on the sea near the Eminönü pier and the Galata Bridge. Have a quick lunch while enjoying the Bosphorus view.
  • Watch a mystic Sufi show - Hodjapasha Culture Center in Sirkeci hosts a one-hour Whirling Dervishes special live show. You can get your tickets online.
  • Drink boza - taste this unique fermented wheat drink at the most famous producer known: Vefa Bozacısı.
  • Try nargile - the Turkish waterpipe - not the healthiest advice, we know. But if you are a smoker or curious about this old-fashioned habit, stop by Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi. In this historic building, you can try the water pipe or get some coffee or tea. You can also see Ottoman tombs on your way toward Beyazıt.
  • Admire the mosques - There are many historical mosques around, like the Beyazıt, Nuruosmaniye, and Mahmutpaşa Mosques; and Yeni Camii (the New Mosque) in Eminönü is one of the more modern ones. There are also local artisan shops exhibiting examples of Turkish arts and crafts in this mosque complex.
  • Board a ferry - from Eminönü pier for a panoramic coastal view of the historical peninsula and the Anatolian side of Istanbul. You can take a Bosphorus cruise or go across, to explore Kadıköy or Üsküdar on the Asian side.
  • Have dinner at - Hamdi Restaurant in Eminönü, overlooking the Golden Horn and the Galata Bridge. Make sure you have a reservation as this famous restaurant serves traditional Turkish cuisine to a lot of visitors, local and international, and the tables are never empty.

Best Hostel in Grand Bazaar

Second Home Hostel (link to check availability on Expedia) in Sirkeci is very close to the Grand Bazaar and it actually gives the feeling of a second home for young travelers. Its location is central, and it offers a variety of rooms with private ensuite options.

Best Value Hotel in Grand Bazaar

Karamans Sirkeci Suites Hotel (link to check availability on Expedia) is a budget-friendly hotel in a good location. Its rooms are small but modern, so it’s great for short visits and making walking tours around the historic peninsula.

Best Apartment in Grand Bazaar

Istanbul Amedros Home Deluxe 5 (link to check availability on Vrbo) is within close proximity to Grand Bazaar and all the other wonders of the lively Old City. It also overlooks the Golden Horn, offering a wonderful, refreshing sea view. This is a spacious apartment with two bedrooms and a large living room, and it is furnished with everything you need.

Grand Bazaar district offers you the chance to get a taste of living in the past while enjoying the moment. It’s lively and central, within walking distance of all the great tourist attractions of the historical peninsula. This makes it one of the best places to stay in Istanbul, especially if you’re a first-time visitor.

Moda (Kadıköy)

aerial view of coastal moda in kadikoy istanbul

Moda (Kadıköy) area is one of the coolest and most budget-friendly places to stay. Kadıköy is Taksim’s equivalent on the Asian side in terms of culture and entertainment. Kadıköy is a busy district with lots of businesses, shops, restaurants, theatres, and cultural centers. Moda is the calmer and more artsy, bohemian district that you can choose for a refreshing day or a calmer night out.

Moda can be reached by a nice walk or a tram ride from central Kadıköy. You can decide to stay in one area or the other depending on whether you are looking for a relaxed day/night or a livelier one.

10 Things to Do in Moda (Kadıköy)

  • Explore Kadıköy - before heading to Moda, walk along Bahariye Street and visit Sanatçılar Sokağı (the artists’ street) where you can buy handmade gifts and souvenirs. You can shop and enjoy a nice cup of coffee when you are done.
  • See an opera - or the Süreyya Opera House on Bahariye Street. The building has a white facade with cravings as well as a beautiful interior. There’s a marble sculpture named Vodvil standing by the building.
  • Visit antique shops - Go to Tellalzade Street to find some unique, authentic rugs, lamps, or other old and antique items. This is a very vibrant street with colors that will lure you whether or not you’re into antiquities.
  • Have lunch - at Çiya, “A Garden of Lost Cultures and Forgotten Tastes.” This is indeed a unique restaurant that serves traditional Turkish and Ottoman meals that are forgotten in most kitchens. Eating here and trying different sherbets and tastes is an extraordinary experience, even for the locals.
  • Enjoy the view -  and relax. Take a walk on the coast, sit on the massive rocks or the grass by the sea, and join people playing their guitars and singing songs. Or sit at the Moda Tea Garden overlooking the sea and have some freshly brewed Turkish tea. 
  • Have some waffles - Moda is the perfect place for those with a sweet tooth. There are a couple of popular waffle houses and ice cream shops in the neighborhood. Make sure you try some.
  • Have some beer - There are many hip beer houses and bars in Kadıköy. Bar hop and try some of the hundreds of types of imported beer in Ayı Pub (the name means the Bear - you’ll see that naming the bars after animals is a thing in Kadıköy).
  • Now rock - Kadıköy is also home to the underground scene and the rock and heavy metal culture in Istanbul. You can listen to rock bands live in Dorock XL or enjoy the general atmosphere in Kadife Sokak (Street). The bar Karga (the crow) is one of the go-to places for alternative culture.
  • Join a workshop - You’ll see many arts and crafts shops, galleries, and ateliers between Kadıköy and Moda. You can join a workshop and learn a new skill or get a new hobby if you have the time. Or you can buy some unique modern handmade ceramics or accessories passing through.
  • Enjoy a fish meal - Kadıköy has a fish market, and around it, there are restaurants where you can enjoy a nice seafood dinner with live music entertainment.

Best Hostel in Moda (Kadıköy)

Hostel Bahane (link to check availability on Expedia) has a central location in Moda, Kadıköy. It has a simple, fresh decor that is in tune with the general relaxing vibe in Moda. This hostel also welcomes dogs and cats, and pets stay for free.

Best Value Hotel in Moda (Kadıköy)

Pasaport Pier Istanbul Hotel (link to check availability on Expedia) is a great hotel with a very central location in central Kadıköy. It’s on a quiet street and perfect for families. Keep in mind that the hotel has no elevator.

Best Apartment in Moda (Kadıköy)

This artistic antique gem overlooking the Marmara sea (link to check availability on Vrbo) is right by the Moda coast and has an amazing sea view. It’s surrounded by cafés, pubs, and restaurants alongside all the good things Moda has to offer. Although the spacious apartment is furnished in a way that will take you back in time, it has a fully fitted brand new kitchen and modern bathrooms in addition to A/C in all the rooms.

Moda (Kadıköy) is a great place to stay for immersing yourself in modern Istanbul’s daily life. The neighborhood has great alternatives for every type of traveler and is more peaceful compared to the European side of Istanbul.

Final Thoughts

Istanbul is a great city built on seven hills, and each hill has its peculiarities. We have gathered six of the best neighborhoods to stay in while you’re visiting Istanbul and what to do while spending your time here.

We tried to include something to make everyone happy, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’re gonna find it on our list and in Istanbul.